Top 10 Herbal Quality of Garlic

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1.Worm destroyer
2. Breathing reduces difficulty
3. Helps to digest
4. Increases urine velocity
5. Asthma relieves the 
6. Reduces hypertension
7. Reduces hair twisting
8. Lowering the cholesterol level in the body
9. Different bone diseases cure.


10. Role of garlic in sex enhancement:

Pair of garlic mixes to create healthy semen. Garlic gives very good results for sexual dysfunction. Garlic is called ‘penicillin of the poor’. This is because it acts as an antiseptic and is an easily available vegetable that we take on a regular basis. Its use is very effective in bringing back your sexual desire. It helps you regain your sexual desire due to a disease or an accident. Also, if a person’s sexual desire is too high or too excessive, the application of garlic and garlic can be very effective in cases where excessive application can damage his nervous system.

Every day by eating a few raw garlic rules, the body’s youth is long-lasting. Those who are young in the fall can eat butter mixed with pureed ghee in butter every day. However, you should take some hot water or milk at the end of the meal. Garlic can be eaten in other ways to protect the youth. Raw mango juice can be consumed with two or one teaspoons of it or one or two kwa garlic bowl. In this, both men and women have a prolonged youth.

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