Israeli invaders using US bases: Iraqi commander!

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Zionist Israel has used a number of US bases inside Iraq for recent drone strikes at the location of Iraq’s popular voluntary organization Hashid al-Shababi.

A commander of Hassad al-Shababi Iran’s Arabic-language television channel Al-Alam News Network has said that in the future such attacks will be retaliated.

Ali al-Yassery, commander of Iraqi resistance organization Saraiya al-Khorasani, said all Israeli attacks on Iraq were indirect and that they used US bases inside Iraq to fly their drones into the skies of Iraq.

Hashid Ash-Shabir fighters
The Iraqi commander said his country’s resistance organizations have defeated Zionist Israel in the past and are capable of defeating it in the future. He thanked Iraqi resistance organizations for their strength.

Ali al-Yasiri said that Hashid al-Shababi now has the power to bring new victories to Iraq.

Last August, the Iraqi military said it was investigating a Jewish-Israeli attack on al-Qa’im, an Iraqi city on the Syrian border. In the attack, two fighters of Hashid Ash-Shabi were killed. In addition, on July 7, Israel launched a drone bombing at the location of the organization near the town of Amreli in Iraq.

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