The US wanted to bribe the captain of the Iranian ship.

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The United States has offered millions of dollars to the captain of Iran’s negotiated oil ship. The country’s Foreign Office confirmed the authenticity of the information. This information was reported in a BBC online report.

Brian Hook, head of Iran Action Group at the US State Department, emailed the captain of the Iranian oil ship Adrian Darya-1. In this e-mail, the captain was asked to take the ship to a location where the United States could seize it.

The British Royal Marine seized the vessel in Gibraltar last July on suspicion of violating European Union (EU) sanctions on oil in Syria. Gibraltar authorities released the ship last month after receiving confirmation from Iran that the oil would not go to Syria.

The US requested Gibraltar authorities to seize the ship again. Gibraltar authorities, however, rejected the request. The United States later issued a warrant to seize the ship.

The Financial Times released the first report on Wednesday that the United States paid the ship’s captain. Later, the US State Department confirmed the authenticity of the information.

“We contacted shipping companies, including the captain of the ship,” a US State Department spokesman told AFP.

The United States blacklisted the ship last Friday. According to a statement from the United States Department of Finance, the ship is transporting Iran’s 2.5 million barrels of crude oil. The oil will benefit Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The US has listed the elite as a foreign terrorist organization.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Brian Hook, a US State Department official, sent an e-mail to Indian captain Akhilesh Kumar, Adrian Darya-8, before the Iranian ship was banned.

The beginning of the e-mail says, “I am writing with good news.”

In an e-mail to the captain, the Trump administration will give him millions of dollars in exchange for taking the ship to a location where the United States can seize.

The US State Department’s phone number is also included with the email to prove that the email is true.

However, the US Foreign Office e-mail rejected the ship’s Indian Captain Akhilesh Kumar. The United States also banned Captain Akhilesh Kumar from blacklisting Adrian Darya-1’s ship by failing to achieve the objective by sending an e-mail.

The name of the ship ‘Adrian Darya-1’ was previously ‘Grace-1’. After being released from Gibraltar, the ship was renamed Iran.

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