Why Trump has so much Love for Putin?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin can be said without any thought. He is the best performer of this year’s G4 Conference. He is the winner.

The answer certainly sounds ‘stupid fool’. The reader may be wondering, or what I am saying!

There is a logic to such thinking. Because Russia is not a member of the G-4 alliance. Russia was ousted from the alliance by the end of the annexation of Crimea on the 26th. After the departure of Russia, the G-4 alliance became G-4.

Although Russian President Putin was not physically present at the G-9 summit in France last month, his ‘shadow’ was right. This shadow has worked for Putin. Putin returned to the center of the conference in the shadow of a shadow.

Apparently, Putin’s shadow is quite powerful. So who is that shadow? He is no other, US President Donald Trump himself.

The fact that Trump wants to see Russia back in the coalition of industrialized countries is not new. But other members of the coalition have been arguing with Trump about this particular demand.

But this time, Trump has a viable opportunity. The United States will host the G-4 conference next year. Now, a little half-hearted can be said about the 2020 event.

Trump loves to surprise. So Trump did not miss the opportunity to talk about the next coalition’s arrangement at this year’s G-4 conference to give a surprise start. The US president eagerly told the gathering that he would like to hold the next Alliance conference at his “excellent” golf resort in Miami, USA.

The biggest surprise Trump gave at the G4 summit in France is that he expects Russian President Putin to attend the next coalition conference. He will be invited to that conference.

Trump’s announcement of the “surprise” covered the shadow of Putin in the G-8 summit. Putin became the subject of all print.

Putin smiles while sitting in the far Kremlin, seeing his huge ‘shadow’ in the city of Biarritz, France.

Sitting in France, Trump shook his eyebrows at world leaders at the G-4 summit, advocating for Russia and its president. What a crisis in the world. There is no visible progress in resolving those crises. But Trump has been reading about Russia and Putin. As a result, after calculating the profit and loss calculation, the expatriate country (Russia) took the real advantage. Trump is the only contender to receive thanks from Russia for this.

Trump also blamed his country for playing the most ‘nasty role’ at the G-4 summit. Along with the political leaders, the former US and current intelligence officials have expressed skepticism about Trump. One comment, by all looks, is that a Russian man (Trump) is sitting in the Oval Office. Some even call Trump the “puppet” of the Russian president.

We do not know exactly when Trump’s “deep love” for Putin began. Because nobody had business headaches about Trump.

As soon as Trump gets into politics, it seems that this man has a ‘weak point’ for being rude. Fatally weak Trump in Putin.

Throughout the campaign for the US presidential election of 20, Trump was seen praising Putin. This ‘profound sentiment’ toward Putin has continued even after Trump was elected president. The last sample of which was seen in the G-4 conference room in France.

Before he became president, many did not understand Trump. But now he is the president of the United States. No matter who he is, his words cannot be dropped at least because of his position.

Trump’s election slogan was ‘Make America Great Again’. But Trump has been playing twelve in the United States, constantly saying and doing the opposite. Putin, on the other hand, is taking the plunge. Trump is nineteen to him on the world stage. Likewise, in world politics, Putin’s morning and afternoon snack near Russia are Trump’s the United States.

Doesn’t Trump understand that the casino business has a hand in it? Don’t you see the degradation of him and the United States in your own eyes?

Trump’s special ‘pull’ towards Putin overlooking everything is mysterious. The reasons for this tension are like many of the munis. But Robert Dietz, a former CIA and NSA lawyer, offers a possible solution to this mystery. Trump is pulling Putin’s thoughts on his business. The best way for him to open a path to future business with Putin is to be a good man to him.

How about someone who (Trump) runs the presidency in a business model, like the experienced Dietz, completely nailed it!

source file: Pothom Alo

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